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Hello! My name is Jen and first, no, you haven't slipped into a wormhole or anything... :-p I just decided to go a bit retro in my web design here to call attention to the fact that it has now been 20 years since the first naked pictures of me were posted online!

Yes, at least generally, this is what websites, computers and yours truly looked like in ye olde 1995. Check out that sweet Hewlett Packard... I think we may have even upgraded from a 14.4 modem to a super-fast 28.8 by this time! I was still just 20 years old, though, and the first naked pictures of me had just started being posted online.

Taken by Dave (my boyfriend at the time, now husband), in our little Baltimore apartment , the pic above is one I posed for in an attempt to prove that I was "real" to those who doubted I was actually involved in having my pictures posted. Indeed I was... proudly!

As I still am today...

This is me today, here in good old 2015, at the age of 40 (and yes, we are still living in the Baltimore-Metro area of Maryland). A lot has happened these past couple decades. Most significantly, I gave birth to twin daughters 10 years ago. So, while the term might be a bit subjective, I am at least the M in MILF. (And yes, my boobs are still real... they've just grown a bit.) ;-p

As for this site, I've had many adventures over the years which have been documented here... parties, traveling, swinging (with both men and women), fetish experimentation, flashing at major landmarks... you name it and, well, there's a good chance I've done it, anyway. ;-)

As time has gone on, I have gone back and forth about where to go with all this... even considering out-and-out retirement/shut down. But, I just can't bring myself to do it...

I have decided to do a bit of restructuring, though.

First, all the pictures are gone. No, not forever... but I have taken them down for now, and will be gradually re-adding at least a good bit of them to my brand new blog: "I Was An Amateur PornStar!"

This blog is where I plan to tell my story... and not only do I have quite the story, I have quite the collection of photographs to illustrate it along the way. ;-p In fact, my collection had just gotten out-of-control and this seemed like the best use of it, at this point in time.

Next, we do still have a "members-area," but it is now the "JnD Video Club!"

The members-area actually started out all those years ago as all pics and no video... and now it's all video and no pics. :-p Again, the pics are being saved for the new (free) blog! We have quite a bit of video, though... and yes, all our own, exclusive, stuff! So, it still seemed worthy of having a members-area. (After all, we used to sell these videos individually, on VHS, for $30/pop!)

I can't say we've constantly been shooting, but we've amassed a good bit over the last 20 years. And who knows, I might still add to the collection from time to time. After all, I'm still not *that* old. ;-p (I can't make any promises, but if the mood strikes...) So, if that interests you, check out how to join the club!

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And to sweeten the deal, I'm also working to join forces with Trixie of TastyTrixie.com to bring you even more real, 100% homemade porn! Soon, all members of the "JnD Video Club" will also get access to her members-area... which includes a few other amateur girls she's already brought into her network! We're planning to be one big, sexy family. ;-p (I mean, not in a weird way. :-p We're just gonna have lots of porn for you!)

Finally, though, as much as I still love the whole porn thing, I am attempting to do more. What exactly that might be is still up for debate. :-p But, I invite you to follow me over at my other, more SFW site: JenMarie's Sweet Shoppe! (Right now it's basically just my personal blog, but I am hoping to add to it in the future!)

I know this was a lot to read... and it's horribly outdated web design. :-p But, I just thought it was the best way to bring y'all up to speed, while honoring my roots! :-)

XOOXOO (Hugs & Boobies),

P.S. Yes, Dave is still around. He has, however, moved onto other things career-wise and this has been primarily "my thing" for quite some time. He still deserves a lot of the credit, though! And, he's still a big fan of boobies. ;-p

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