Welcome to jen-dave.com aka "Jen N Dave's Homepage!"

This site was first launched in 1995 and for over 20 years, was truly a labor of love.

At the dawn of the online revolution, we stumbled into a world we never could have dreamt possible, and it changed us in ways we can scarcely begin to describe. We not only made some amazing memories, but lifelong friendships.

Of course, the internet has also changed a lot. It's a much different place than it was when we first started and this site had become a bit outdated.

While jen-dave.com consists of only this one page, now, we have not disappeared. We've simply moved onto other projects... and, we would love it if you checked out what we're doing now!

In 2015, Jen decided to adopt an alter-ego: "Jenny Dreadful." You can find her blogging at MsJennyDreadful.com.

You can also find her on Patreon! While this site may be closed, we do still have all our old content in storage and Jen's been using it to help support her new venture! Yes, in a way, this site still lives on there (at least in part)!

Of course, there's also social media! You can follow Dave on Twitter, and Jen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

You can even use good old-fashioned email to drop Jen a line at jenofjenndave@gmail.com.

So yes, this site may not be what it once was, but please don't mistake this for the end of us. Although, we do want to thank everyone who supported us, partied with us, and shared in what was truly the time of our lives! We'll certainly never forget it...

Love Forever,