I have loved sharing my life online these past several (many!) years... and, I'd like to continue doing so! But, I need your help...

Once upon a time, membership sales were enough to support us fairly comfortably... but, those days are long gone, and lately we've been struggling to pay the bills (yes, even with Dave working a job of his own). If I don't find a way to increase the amount of income we get from this site, I very well may have to close up shop here and get a job of *my* own. (*Gasp!* The horror! :-p)

So, if you like what I do here, please consider helping me out, in one or more of the ways I've listed below! There are now lots of different ways you can contribute to this noble endeavor of mine (:-D):

1) Click on any ads you see around the site (including in the menu bar to your right), and check out our friends' sites! And yes, almost all are indeed run by and/or feature personal friends of ours... we don't throw any old ad up on our beloved site! :-p

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A big thank you to all our past, present and future supporters! It is indeed only because of all of you, that I've been able to continue with this for so long! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

P.S. If you came here looking for my "pic of the day" (since this is where I used to do that), I've kind of discontinued that on this particular page... BUT, never fear! :-D If you still like the idea of a daily fix, you can check out my blog, which I at least try to update daily :-D

Yes, they pay us, but these
are truly awesome sites!!
(In fact, just about all of them
are either run by and/or feature
personal friends of ours!)

If you'd like to continue and get the full "JEN n DAVE" experience... well, join the club! ;-D There is a small membership fee, but as always, billing is very discreet and secure. Your information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with, or sold to, anyone, ever.

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