The Original...

Misusing the information superhighway since 1995!

Hello there! Welcome to a very old one of the longest-running websites on the internet!

We are but a humble couple named Jennifer and David, or Jen N Dave for short. We began our adventures on the internet in 1995 by sharing our personal photos with the masses... of people who were actually online then.

We have had many adventures in our time... and believe it or not, we're still here! It is now 2024, though, and we are currently in a re-building phase, so please excuse any dust as we move things around and re-organize; We are diligently working to bring a brand new "Jen N Dave" experience to this crazy online jungle!

See, it's funny because I'm dressed up like a tiger.

Special Note: While the term "we" is used a lot, this website (and everything related to it) is designed, run, and written by me, Jen. Dave is the one who started me on this journey and he is still my co-host, co-star, and all around partner in ridiculousness; He just also has a full-time job in medical administration, while this is my primary gig, once again. :)