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(Last Updated: 04/06/23)

Welcome to aka "JEN n DAVE's Homepage!" This domain was registered on February 20, 1996.

You may have also reached this page by typing or After our website took off and we became the notorious JnD, variations of our domain name were snapped up by opportunistic folks looking to capitalize off of typos/mistakes. Finally, though, after many, many years, we were able to acquire these two! What's that? Why didn't we just register one of those obviously better choices back then, instead of choosing one with a hyphen? Why are you asking so many questions?

Admittedly, this website is a shell of what it used to be, but we are still alive! It's just that all the content (photos, videos, etc.) once posted here is now in storage.

Over the years, it admittedly became quite the disheveled mess. However, I've recently started excavation work, and am sharing whatever I find on my Patreon. It's like an archaeological dig, but for boobies!

Also, while our wild, sexy partying days may be over, we're still finding ways to have fun. We even have our own YouTube channel, now! Don't get too excited... it's just videos of us being silly... but if you're bored, you can check us out at

In addition, we have our own individual projects, now. I'm having a bit of a mid-life goth crisis and my new personal homepage is located at It's where you can find all the things I'm working on / places I'm hanging out online these days.

As for Dave, he now hosts pub trivia which he loves. Maybe not as much as taking pictures of naked women, but... nevertheless, he has his own website at

As for the "JEN n DAVE" era, we have actually been featured in a few different books and publications over the years, which I've listed at the bottom of this page. We'd like to write our own book(s) about it, someday... it was truly something else... but, in the meantime here's a brief history of us:

Shortly after I graduated high school in 1992, my parents, three younger siblings, and I moved to yet another new apartment complex in my hometown of Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Dave just happened to live across the way. We were strictly friends for the first year we knew each other, but then one thing led to another and eventually we got our own place together in the city (Baltimore).

Shortly after that, Dave suggested we get a computer. So, we took a bus ride up to the Sears at the Hunt Valley Mall. Yes, we did actually bring a mid-nineties era computer home on the bus. Two buses, as a matter of fact, since we had to transfer in Towson.

While I had to take a nap after that, Dave immediately went about setting it up. Before long he was "surfing" this new-fangled thing called "the internet."

That's when he discovered places where people were posting photos of *real* naked women. Not that playboy models or professional porn stars aren't "real" but, these were photos that were obviously just somebody's wife or girlfriend... true girls next door. Yes, that's a pretty commonplace thing these days, but it was an exciting new concept at the time.

He then asked if he could post some photos of me, and I said, "sure."

We started out by just posting a few pics to the newsgroups (usenet), but things quickly snowballed in a way we never could have imagined. As time went on, things got wilder and wilder and terms like "porn" and "swingers" were thrown around a lot. We've never particularly liked labels, though, and I've since decided a more accurate term would be simply "blogging."

The term "blogging" had yet to be coined when we started out, but that was essentially what we were doing. While certainly "adult" in nature, we never really thought of what we were doing as "dirty." We were just sharing our life together! In fact, we were downright cutesy about it all. (Our slogan was "Always a boobie guarantee!")

However you describe it, though, what started as a hobby quickly became a full-time endeavor for many years. We still considered ourselves "amateurs" as we had no idea what we were doing; There was definitely no master plan. In fact, at times, we even felt guilty about the money we were making. Crazy, I know; What can I say, we were very young.

We truly were just looking to have a good time and perhaps spread the ideals of body-positivity and sex-positivity... even if we didn't yet have the words for those things, either.

Looking back, we perhaps should have taken better advantage of a unique opportunity. We had never planned to make *any* money with it, but we sort of accidentally made some, anyway... and yes, we probably could have spun it all into some big empire.. but, whenever someone asked what our goal was with all this, we would simply respond, "To have fun!"

And, we did; And then some. The whole experience changed us in ways we can scarcely begin to describe. We both learned so much and not only made some amazing memories but true friends.

Of course, as they have a tendency to do, things gradually changed over the years, both for us and the internet. Dave went back to the rat race some time ago to pay the bills, and I gave birth to our twins in 2005.

I was admittedly pretty lost in the fog of motherhood for several years. I even had a mommy blog at one point! I did try to keep this site going, too, but circa 2015 I finally conceded that it was time to move on.

Our story is not over, but as the door closes on this chapter of our lives we want to once more thank everyone who supported us, partied with us, and shared in what was truly the time of our lives! We'll certainly never forget it.

XOOXOO (Hugs and Boobies),

P.S. In addition to our mega-fame on the internet, we did also make appearances in the mainstream media a few times, as well! We're kind of a big deal. (Fine, not really, but we certainly had our 15 minutes.) Here are the ones we can remember:

Most recently, we were in a chapter of a new book called, How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex by Samantha Cole.

We were also mentioned in a book several years ago called Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age by Frederick S. Lane III.

Further back, into the nineties, we were featured in a short-lived magazine simply named, "Web Magazine." Cindy Crawford was on the cover, I remember... we might still have a copy around here somewhere...

It's probably wherever my issue of Hustler's Barely Legal is. I wasn't an official model (and certainly Hustler is not exactly mainstream), but I can say that they published a photo of me back when we (and they) were just getting started with our website(s). It was in their amateur submissions section that I think was called "Corky's Clubhouse," which was comparable to Hustler's "Beaver Hunt." I actually originally sent the picture to Hustler for Beaver Hunt, but they apparently decided to put me in Barely Legal instead. I was kind of annoyed at the time because I thought, "I'm 20! How am I "barely legal?" I'm a woman dammit!" I know, I was very cute.

New York Magazine included us in an article titled, Seven pioneers of amateur web porn look back. Just don't look at the picture of me (focus on Dave, he looked fine), it's horrid. I know women often say that, but really... I was so lost in a serious mommy fog at the time. I don't know where my sense of style went for a good decade or so.

Baltimore's now defunct City Paper (since absorbed into the Baltimore Sun) featured us a couple of times. Once was back in 2000 when a staff writer (I think the column was called CyperPunk) secretly attended one of our our parties and wrote about it. I can't find that article archived anywhere, but it did lead us to being interviewed on the local radio station 98 Rock, by the morning crew at the time: Kirk, Mark, and Lopez. I'll have to dig up those old photos, sometime.

I was also on the cover of the City Paper back in 2012, with an article titled, "Up and Down (and up and down) with Baltimore County internet-porn pioneers Jen and Dave." At the time, we wanted to hide our faces for reasons. It's a pretty good article... I won't complain about the things I don't like about it (or the photo chosen FOR THE COVER) anymore, because I know it's just vanity. However, I would like to explain that we only had one cat at the time, but he was very old and was having issues with using the litterbox. Also the "Christmas decorations" were just some wrapping paper (that I thought looked fairly neutral) which I was using to cover up where the kids had drawn on the wall. We're weird but there usually is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind our weirdness. Usually.

There have been various other offers over the years, including from HBO and MTV, but we just weren't feeling those for, again, reasons. There have also been other little things... I know there was a photo of me in a Canadian newspaper once! :-p

If you find anything else featuring us, or even just want to say hi, feel free to send an electronic-mail to our good old address: